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By assimilating anthropometric data, demographic data, diagnostic data and calculating the forces acting on the patient's spine, THE SPINE ORACLE™ transforms the art of surgery from a heuristic process to the science of surgery with prescriptive and predictive analytics, thereby eliminating unnecessary spine surgery and optimizing outcome of appropriate spine surgery.

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Automatic Spine Segmentation Algorithm

Using patient CT scan a fully segmented spine model is created that includes the entire spine and pelvis.


Lumbar Spine Simulation Module

The segmented spine model is morphed into the simulation module to analyze the forces at the treated level(s) and above and below a one- or two-level lumbar fusion or disc replacement. 

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Dr. Richard Guyer

Texas Back Institute

Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

"The Agada technology breaks new ground in surgical planning to help surgeons make the best decisions. I believe this state of the art software which incorporates artificial intelligence will lead to less surgical failures, better outcomes and most importantly improve the lives of our patients.”

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Dr. Daniel Sciubba

Northwell Health


“Current spinal implants are inadequate as they treat the spine as a static, unmoving structure. ADAGA technology is seeking to advance spine surgery to address the constant forces and movements of the spine, corresponding to the dynamic lives of our patients.”

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"Surgeons operate using heuristics that are based upon individual experience and limited data.  AGADA provides technology that enables surgeons to consider data beyond the cognitive capacity of individuals, and to make decisions with information that is precise and appropriate for the individual patient.”

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Dr. Paul Holman

Houston Methodist


“Robotics, navigation and biologics have provided us with key building blocks to execute critical portions our surgeries.    What we lack is a tool capable of developing a comprehensive plan incorporating these elements with next level predictive analytics.  AGADA has given us that – The Spine Oracle.”

Dr. Sigurd Berven


Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

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